How do I volunteer at DRAW’s warehouse?

Step 1: Visit DRAW’s volunteer page sign up for existing volunteer projects.  You’ll be prompted to create a username, and once you do, you’ll see the dates/projects available for volunteering.

Step 2: Once you register for a specific day, you will receive an email with further instructions for the day you volunteer.

If you’re interested in volunteering on a day other than ones listed on the site, please email us at info@drawbuckets.org.


How do I volunteer as a DRAW responder after a major storm?

Step 1: Contact Greg, greg@drawbuckets.org for instructions on where responders might be working after a storm.

Step 2: Be sure to watch DRAW’s training videos on the DRAW YouTube page.

Step 3: If the response is local, you’ll receive a zoom invite link in your inbox for the night before you volunteer.  On that call, you’ll receive final specifics on the next day’s tasks.

If the response requires travel, you’ll receive instructions from your team leader about accommodations.

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for your willingness to volunteer. The time you put in will make a major difference in the lives of disaster victims around the country.