DRAW Responds to Houghton Flooding

Our team arrived to Houghton on Thursday, June 21, 2018 and within hours they put DRAW in charge of the Volunteer Resource Center Operations.  In our three days, we:
  • Organized, trained and deployed 1,600 volunteers around Houghton and the surrounding county to serve flood victims (approx. 10,000 total volunteer hours in 3 days)
  • Delivered a small load of 50 buckets worth $3,000.
  • Had teams work on/complete assistance requests at 160 flooded homes over three days (mostly muck outs, debris removal, and washout cleanup)
  • Canvassed every residence in the local area (a couple thousand homes, roughly) to check in and make sure all needs were met.
  • Finished 96% of the relief requests for unskilled labor by the time we left Sunday.  There are less than 10 projects left for the remaining volunteers this week, out of a couple hundred projects when we started.
  • Unloaded/inventoried six semi-trucks of supplies in three days.